Yesterday I published SpookyGhost, a tool that lets you animate multiple sprites in a procedural way.

It is based on the nCine, meaning it is coded in C++, it uses ImGui, and it would potentially run on all the engine supported platforms: Linux, Windows, macOS, Android and Emscripten.

At the moment you can download a demo for Windows and macOS.
It has no limitations, you can find it on

Some of the tool features are:
  • Parent-child relations between sprites for advanced transformations
  • You can create animation groups and play them in parallel or sequentially
  • Unlimited canvas size with custom background color
  • Tuneable shift, scale and speed for animations
  • Multiple easing curves and loop modes
  • Export frames as single images or as a spritesheet
  • Use the mouse to select a rectangular region of a texture for your sprite
  • Use the mouse to set the anchor point for grid deformation animations
  • Native version for Windows and macOS
  • Coded in C++ for maximum performance and efficient memory use

Have a look at this video for an example of what it can do: