Angelo Theodorou
I have published the Dev Update #17, with the progress from the second half of November 2020 to the first half of June 2021.

Some of the highlights:
  • Default constructors for nodes
  • Colored console messages
  • Fault-tolerant Lua scripts execution
  • New application and input events
  • Automatic capacity extension for strings
Angelo Theodorou
It has been already ten years since the first commit!

I have written a retrospective article about my last years of constant working on the same open-source project.
Angelo Theodorou

SpookyGhost, my procedural animation tool for 2D sprites made with the nCine, is now free and open source!

Starting now there is no more a demo version and the source code is released on GitHub under the MIT license:

You can use it for your commercial projects and never have to pay anything.

I have also added many new features and fixed some bugs. Have a look at the latest devlog for more information.
Angelo Theodorou
A new release of ncJump has been published today by Antonio “Fahien” Caggiano.

ncJump is a platform game that uses Box2D for the physics, ImGui for the editor and of course the nCine. It has been developed as an nCine reference version of the CS50’s lecture 4.

On Fahien’s GitHub you can find the ncJump, ncJump-data and ncJump-artifacts repositories.

You can read progress update articles and interact with the author on both GitHub Discussions and

As with other nCine projects, there is an Emscripten version that you can try online on Fahien’s site.

Angelo Theodorou
The year has just begun but there are already two important news I would like to share.

Let's begin with the first one: the project has been one of the recipients of the Icculus Microgrant 2020!

The second news is that I have just uploaded on GitHub the source code of ncTiledViewer, a viewer for Tiled maps.